Spiderman has issues with glasses in new ads for Vision Direct

Vision Direct, the contact lenses retailer, has poked fun at the awkwardness of wearing glasses in unusual situations in a series of digital ads launched today.

The short videos portray a young man encountering an awkward moment at dinner, a lady trying and failing to apply false eyelashes, and a would-be Spiderman, the Marvel Comics’ superhero, disappointed by having to wear spectacles.

The campaign, called #TryContacts, is being promoted on Facebook and Twitter. It was created in-house and was directed by Renee Sutherland out of video production agency Hub.

It follows the company’s £2 million national TV campaign, "plastic monsters", which launched in January.

Ashley Mealor, Vision Direct’s chief marketing officer, said: "We hope this campaign will make more people think about the benefits of switching to contact lenses. Many glasses-wearers are unaware that they can buy contact lenses online and that they are an affordable option.

"By allowing consumers to engage with Vision Direct on social media, we hope to raise awareness about the possibility of buying contact lenses as easily as they buy anything else online."