Spirit continues Blue Nun's image overhaul

Spirit Advertising is continuing its attempt to transform the image

of Blue Nun with a new poster ad for the German wine brand.

The agency has created a poster for supermarket sites. The ad, titled

"faces", aims to present a more intimate setting and features two women

whispering to each other, sipping glasses of wine.

The poster also hides the Blue Nun logo in one of the women's hair.

Supposedly, finding the nun allows the viewer to interact with the

poster. The ad ends with the strapline: "Just you, me and a bottle of

Blue Nun."

Spirit Group has been responsible for developing Blue Nun's global brand

since 1999. The new ad follows the recent "moments" campaign. The first

part of the drive is set to run in Safeway, Tesco, Asda and


Langguth Wines & Spirits bought the brand six years ago and has launched

a new range of wines for Blue Nun. In the past five years its sales have

tripled in the UK.

Armin Wagner, Langguth Wines & Spirits' marketing director, exports,

said: "Faces will provide additional sales support to Blue Nun at the

point of purchase and during the peak wine selling period."

The ad was art directed by Tony Kielty, Katrin Hannusch and Nadine Akle

and written by Tom Dillon and Ben Akers. UK media is through John Ayling

& Associates with international media by Langguth Wines & Spirits.