Spoof hunk ad gives Absolut a Sex and the City boost

LONDON – A fictional ad campaign for a new cocktail in a forthcoming episode of 'Sex and the City', which features a hunk covering his modesty with a bottle of Absolut vodka, has given the brand a major lift in New York.

The episode concerned features a fictional advertising campaign called Absolut Hunk, created by the sex-obsessed blonde Samantha Jones character.

Samatha, played by actress Kim Cattrall, creates the ad for her boyfriend in an episode called "Hop, Skip and a Week". He appears on billboards and posters across the city naked except for a strategically placed bottle of Absolut.

In the series the campaign is a huge success and results in the creation of a new cocktail called 'Absolut Hunk', which features Absolut vodka as its chief ingredient and sweeps New York as the latest trend to hit bars and clubs.

Now life is imitating fiction as bars across Manhattan are receiving more and more orders for the drink, delighting Swedish brand owner The Absolut Spirit Company, part of V&S Vin & Sprit AB group, which produces Absolut vodka in distilleries near Ahus, Sweden.

Absolut is the third-largest international spirit in the world and is available in 125 markets. In the US it is imported by The Absolut Spirits Company, which distributes it through Future Brands, a joint venture with Jim Beam Brands.

In the UK, the first episode of the new series of Sex and the City will be shown on Channel 4 on August 1. Presumably Absolut Spirits is hoping the drink will catch on here as well.

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