Spotify attracts blue chip US brands

Coca-Cola, Chevrolet and Motorola are among the first brand partners for Spotify's US launch today.

Spotify: US brands sign up
Spotify: US brands sign up

Spotify, which is now available in the US in beta form on an invitation-only basis, has announced it will be running campaigns on the free service for these brands over the next few months as well as Sprite, Reebok, News Corporation's tablet publication The Daily and its platform partner Sonos.

The team in the US is being led by Ken Parks, chief content officer and managing director for Spotify North America.

Parks said: "We have full catalogues from all the major labels and a raft of independent labels including those represented by Merlin, which means all of their artists are being fairly compensated for their creativity every time people enjoy music through Spotify."

Subscriptions are slightly cheaper than in the UK with the ad-free unlimited service priced at $4.99, while the premium service, which has a raft of additional features including offline library access, costs $9.99.

Spotify’s launch in the US has been long in arriving and it was widely speculated that this was to do with Spotify struggling to get the four major record labels on board with its ‘freemium’ business model.

Spotify has been making a push to ramp up the number of paid subscribers to the service and recently scaled back its free service. It now claims that 15% of its 10 million strong user base across Europe are now paying for the service.