Spotify "never ending" by Wieden & Kennedy New York

Noah Hathaway, who played Atreyu in The NeverEnding Story, is reunited with Alan Oppenheimer, the voice of Falkor in the same movie, for Spotify's new TV campaign.

The above sentence will mean nothing to large swathes of the population but will send the generation who grew up with the fantasy giddy with nostalgia. The kitsch ad was created by Wieden & Kennedy New York and shows an aged Atreyu atop Falkor remarking that he can’t believe people are still listening to The NeverEnding Story by Limahl (the soundtrack to the film, which was released in 1984) after all these years. Text then appears on screen explaining that the song is still played every day on Spotify. The campaign, which will run on TV in the US, also features spots with nuns watering flowers to rock music amid an explanation that the pope once released a rock album. The idea is to bring to life the stories behind the songs and the communities that are active on Spotify. The online streaming service has (according to the brand) recently surpassed 30 million paid subscribers.