Spotify and P&G unite for podcast highlighting music's fight against racial bias

John Legend and Pusha T discuss racial bias in four-episode series.

Legend: in the studio recording Harmonize
Legend: in the studio recording Harmonize

Spotify has teamed up with Procter & Gamble to shine a light on music’s power to combat racial bias with a podcast series called Harmonize. It will feature conversations about conscious and unconscious discrimination from the perspective of black male musicians, including John Legend and Pusha T.

The co-branded Spotify Original series comprises four episodes, each featuring Legend and Pusha T, and is hosted by writer Jamilah Lemieux, with music expert Cory Townes. It will delve into issues around race, gender and sexuality.

A companion playlist, "The sounds of Harmonize", will allow users to listen to the music discussed in the podcast, while Spotify has produced a show trailer:

The partnership marks a thematic extension of P&G’s "The talk" and "The look" campaigns.

Damon Jones, P&G’s vice-president, global communications and advocacy, said: "Our latest film, ‘The look’, is designed to spark reflection and dialogue on the frank realities of racial bias and the sometimes subtle ways it manifests itself in everyday situations for people of colour.

"Together with Spotify, we’re deepening this conversation, illustrating how race intersects music and culture and bringing together a variety of perspectives and experiences we believe will inspire people to take action to address these all-too-common instances of individual and institutional bias."

Spotify’s branded podcasts made their debut last summer in a partnership with New Amsterdam Vodka. It has since forged links with brands including Puma, Sprite and Universal Pictures.