Squarespace’s new campaign turns Snow White and Dracula into savvy entrepreneurs

Website builder and ecommerce platform Squarespace launches its latest UK campaign today (12 July) in which it turns the business dreams of two famous fictional characters into a reality.

Step forward, Snow White, who, after recounting "quite a bad experience with an apple", decides to team up with a handful of small farmers to set up her own fruit-selling business: Enchanted Orchards offers apples that are organic, handpicked and 100% poison free.

For Dracula, his own breakthrough comes following centuries of living life in the shadows only to create Eternal-Eyes – a modern sunglasses brand hand-crafted in his Hackney studio – thus enabling him his own “time in the sun”.

The quirky, funny ads showcase how easy it is to build a brand and sell it online using Squarespace, turning dreams into reality.

Gui Borchert, senior director, creative at Squarespace, told Campaign: "Bill Bowerman once said: 'If you have a body, you’re an athlete.' At Squarespace, our version of that is: 'If you have an idea, you’re an entrepreneur.' So we’re always looking to inspire the world to turn those ideas into reality.

"Hopefully watching our lovable characters from pop culture turn their stories into successful businesses taps that nerve for everyone else.

"They’re the perfect allegory, if you will, to trace that parallel between a fairytale and real business stories. Snow White has a bad experience with a poisonous apple and decides to grow her own to make sure no-one ever has to go through what she did. Dracula, suffering from centuries of FOMO, watching everyone have fun in the sun, turns his weakness into a thriving sunglasses business. All with the help of Squarespace. It happens everyday in the real world. And we hope to inspire even more people to do it." 

The campaign was created by Squarespace's in-house team, which is renowned for producing award-winning campaigns including the company’s annual Super Bowl ad. It was produced by Buck Design.