Squibb severs ties with Lowe London

Vince Squibb, one of Lowe London's most decorated creatives, has severed his ties with the agency after more than 20 years.

Over the years, the senior creative has built a strong reputation both as a copywriter and as an art director. He has been particularly lauded for his work on Stella Artois, having created some of the lager brand's most celebrated advertising campaigns.

Ads he created for the brand include the "pilot", "devil's island", "doctor" and "hero's return" executions. Last November, he wrote the award-winning "ice-skating priests" commercial.

Squibb, who has divided his time between Lowe and his own projects since 2004 (Campaign, 18 June, 2004), is keen to do more directing at Gorgeous, as well as pursue other writing projects.

Ed Morris, Lowe London's departing creative director, said: "Many are quick to offer up their opinion on the difference between good and great. Few actually know how to get from one to the other. Vince knows it in a blink and does it like he's shelling peas."