St Luke's drops School Disco sleaze

The clubbing brand School Disco is to move away from its sexually suggestive advertising - which features women in skimpy school uniforms - in a new campaign through St Luke's, which aims to reposition the brand to appeal to the wider public.

The appointment of St Luke's marks the first time School Disco has used an ad agency to promote the brand.

The campaign will aim to shed the sleaze factor that has become associated with many School Disco events, and push the brand image of a nostalgic night out for hardworking professionals tired of serious superclub brands.

The new creative will debut in a press and poster campaign to launch School Disco's new Friday club night at Heaven in London.

The two ads show a briefcase and a handbag that have been personalised with graffiti of schoolyard sayings and slang using typical classroom items such as Tipp-Ex and pens.

"By linking adult objects with juvenile behaviour, we wanted to evoke the sense of shared experience you get at the club nights, and provide School Disco with greater ownership of childhood nostalgia," David Byrne, a St Luke's account manager, said.

Posters will run in London Underground stations and on 48-sheets across the Capital, with press executions in consumer magazines.

The ads were art directed by Mike Hughes and written by Tim Collins.

Media planning and buying is by School Disco.