St Luke's spoofs 'busy life' for Rizazz

St Luke's has unveiled its first television and cinema work for

Tilda to launch a new product, Rizazz. The campaign pokes fun at people

who try to keep up a pretence of being busy.

The spoof campaign aims to position Rizazz as an ideal product for busy

people who would like to eat good food, but who feel they have not got

the time to cook.

The campaign features a supposedly busy female executive, Trudy, bumping

into friends in the supermarket while buying Tilda Rizazz. They ask what

she is buying, and are so impressed by her air of importance that they

marvel at what it must be like to have such a hectic lifestyle. The

endline says: "Tilda Rizazz. Executive rice for busy, busy people."

A follow-up spot shows Trudy at home with a friend, still appearing

frantically busy and snapping about a big presentation she has to

finish. However, she eventually cracks and admits it is all a front - at

which point her friend comforts her, while taking a sly peek at her


Tracy Roberts, the brand manager at Tilda, said: "Tilda Rizazz will

shake up the rice market as it's a great new concept in rice. It is

perfect for people who are genuinely too busy to eat properly but who

don't want to eat junk food as a result."

The campaign was written by Alistair Campbell and art directed by

Suzanne Hails. It was directed by Maggie Zackheim through Propaganda


Media planning and buying is through Media Planning Group.