St Luke's spot calls on regions to vote

St Luke's has created a multi-media awareness campaign for the Electoral Commission to tackle voter apathy in the run-up to the elections in Scotland and Wales.

The campaign, managed through COI Communications, aims to reverse the decline in voting numbers by pushing the idea that if you don't vote, you don't care.

The push, for the 1 May elections for the National Assembly for Wales and the Scottish Parliament, is being spearheaded with a 40-second television spot, a ten-second cut down and a radio campaign.

The spot comprises three vignettes of everyday people - a mother with young children, a middle-aged man visiting his elderly mother in hospital, and a couple at a community event.

The characters happily claim they aren't voting because they don't care about issues including education for children, healthcare and social concerns, such as crime.

"We are posing a simple question - you care about the things that voting affects, so why don't you show it by actually voting," Phil Teer, the joint managing director of St Luke's, said.

The ad was art directed by Suzanne Hails and written by Alistair Campbell.

It was directed by Malcolm Venville through Therapy Films. Media was planned by Zenith-Optimedia and bought by MediaCom and MediaVest.