St Luke's targets children for Clark's

St Luke's has made three TV ads targeting children in the August shoe-buying season.

A back-to-school campaign for the Clark's Bootleg range targets eight- to 11-year-olds and capitalises on their wish to be involved in the shoe-buying decision.

The ad shows children using the contents of their pencil cases, given away with Clark's purchases, to blackmail parents and teachers.

Focus groups in this demographic found that a pencil case with a secret compartment was among their most desirable gifts.

In one scene, a father is chastising his son for having an untidy room. The son ignores his father's protests and, to the father's horror, retrieves a photograph of him in drag from his pencil case. His father then tidies the room.

In another scene, a girl uses the contents of her pencil case to convince her mum to allow her to have a cat. In the final scene, a boy has information on the dinner ladies that means they wait on him in the school canteen.

St Luke's has also created two new executions on the theme of younger children enjoying personal moments wearing their new shoes.

In "marathon man", a five-year-old runs around to try out the speedometer in his shoes, and in "dancing girl" a young girl takes to the dance floor at a family celebration and does a routine by herself.

Tim Collins was the copywriter and Nick Simons the art director for the ads. Universal McCann Manchester is handling media. The ad breaks on 1 August.