Stella Artois continues 'expensive' campaign

Lowe has unveiled the latest TV and cinema ad in the long-running

"Reassuringly expensive" campaign for Stella Artois featuring a doctor

ostracised from his community because he tends to those afflicted by the


Fearing that the doctor is contagious, the villagers refuse to help him

tend the sick and he is threatened with a gun when he enters the village

bar at the end of the day.

Appalled by the villagers' contempt for the doctor, the village priest

commands the barman to bring him a glass of Stella Artois by way of an


As the Stella Artois arrives, the doctor drinks deeply from the


The priest then performs the ultimate act of faith - snatching the pint

away to drink from the same glass. The priest holds the glass aloft in

triumph, and the villagers pour forward, seizing the chance to taste a


The new-found camaraderie is cut short by an involuntary cough from the

doctor, causing both the priest and villagers to stare at him in


Jeremy Bowles, the managing director at Lowe, said: "I'm confident that

the agency has created another exceptional piece of film that will

continue to perpetuate the brand's success."

Karen Waring, the marketing manager for Stella Artois, said: "We know

from the brand's success just how powerful a consistent campaign can be.

This time we are offering a film with even greater depth to reward

viewers further with this much-loved campaign."

The campaign launches in cinemas from 15 February with a 100-second

version, and will launch on TV a month later with 60- and 70-second


The ad was art directed and written by Vince Squibb. Ivan Zacharias

directed through Stink. Media is through Starcom Motive.