Steve Dunn forms 'creative collective'

LONDON - Steve Dunn, the ex-JWT head of art, has joined forces with the former Lunar BBDO managing partners Trevor Hardy and Clive Tanqueray to launch an agency called The Assembly.

Dunn…formed 'creative collective'
Dunn…formed 'creative collective'

The agency will employ 12 executive creative directors and ten creative directors and is structured as a creative collective from the worlds of fashion design, rock music management and PR, political PR, urban art, architecture and web design.

Teams will be assembled specifically to deal with each client brief and clients will only pay for what they use, rather than additional costs such as overheads and support staff.

Dunn, who left JWT in 2007, said: "The Assembly is a modern creative collective and offers the opportunity to work outside traditional agency structures; to collaborate with like-minded people in other disciplines and to develop bigger, better, more inventive ideas across more channels than ever before."