The Storytellers: Paul Weiland, Contagious London

Why storytelling is such a powerful technique in brand communication depends on your perspective. Read on for "The Director's" take on how best to use narrative to engage.

Paul Weiland, Contagious London
Paul Weiland, Contagious London

Storytelling is crucial because narratives are central to our mental process for understanding, remembering and communicating. All humans need to be entertained; brands that skillfully tell their story create a long-term emotional bond with customers. Walkers is testament to that. I recently shot my 125th Gary Lineker story; it's in its 20th year. There are now so many ways to reach customers, the need for skillful and talented advertising narrators has never been more crucial.

So, if clever storytelling is so important, why is the storyteller always the last person to be involved in the process? Clients don't normally meet their director until the pre-production meeting. This is why l launched Contagious London.

We can strategise, plan and create like the best of them, but, when it comes to making the work, the director is already in the room. By dealing with the person who produces the finished work from the outset, conversations are direct and resolutions immediate. The approval process is shorter, the turnaround quicker. Nothing gets lost in translation - a success story in itself.

Paul Weiland is founder, executive creative and director, Contagious London