Strategy Verdict - Reuters teaming up with the International Herald Tribune

Strategy: Reuters teaming up with the International Herald Tribune.

Verdict: 4 out of 5

The partnership between the International Herald Tribune and Reuters follows a recent similar tie-up between Eurosport and Yahoo!.

Both deals demonstrate a growing trend in the media industry - an alliance between established TV/print media brands and websites in order to leverage their assets, by sharing content and potentially increasing their revenues.

Media brands are currently looking at strategic opportunities to distribute their content across wider platforms, with the aim of selling these extra placements to advertisers. The cross-media product is a clever way to create synergies in content and to target viewers/readers previously reached through separate media.

An appeal of partnerships such as the IHT and Reuters link-up from a media planning point of view is consolidation of media buying across two brands. In addition, the flexibility of the products with new placements available to advertisers is enticing, as is the mix of multimedia solutions - a key element in today's media planning.

This IHT/Reuters partnership will not hugely affect the UK print market because the IHT is targeting inter-national business executives and opinion formers, while Reuters is providing news on a global scale.

However, I would not be surprised to see further similar deals between media owners in the next months in the UK, where online brands will exchange their communities and instant news assets with journalistic coverage from TV and print media.

Review by Cedric Amiot, international account manager, Universal McCann.