Stuart Butler, chief strategy officer, Havas Media

Stuart Butler, chief strategy officer, Havas Media

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Me in five words: Sees the good in things

My moustache aspirations: Mindhorn

Media moment of the year: Joining havas village as have a media CSO 

What’s the biggest question media should ask itself in 2018? What are you here for? It’s not about platforms or data but how these can be applied to realise strategic new market opportunities and meaning for your brand in consumers lives.

We need to find a less reactive purpose, to be ahead of consumer not catching up, to ensure full transparency and be confident in the commercial value of our products, to explore and test what’s unknown and not pretend to have all the answers.

We need to stop infighting, to all stand up for our industry which has a strong a diverse offering.

To reclaim media as a core vehicle for our clients growth in the hugely changing markets in which they operate. 

And to be excited by all this!