Subway "Make it what you want" by Above & Beyond

Subway throws elbows with a mascot-shaming campaign.

Above & Beyond is determined to make waves in the fast-food world with its first campaign for Subway. Beginning with standard shots of sizzling bacon and strangely-posed veg, the spot takes an action-packed turn when a car smashes through the set. A mask-wearing "Ronald McDonald" hops out of the car alongside his fast-food friends on a mission to derail the ad, with "Colonel Sanders" tackling crew members to the floor in a fit of chicken-induced rage. Subway’s spot is eventually cut short as the (genuinely terrifying) Burger King gets a hold of the camera. 

Directed by Michael Clowater through Smuggler, the ad is part of Subway's "Fresh forward" redesign plan, which includes new store fits. This marks Above & Beyond’s first campaign since being appointed Subway’s creative agency in May.