Subway "Vegang" by Above & Beyond

Subway has worked with vegan grime artists to create a song that uses sounds emitted by plants to celebrate Earth Day.

P Money and producers Star.One collected sounds at an urban farm from plants that are used in Subway’s plant-based menu, via PlantWave technology, which detects electrical variations through electrodes placed on the leaves. The sounds were remixed in a studio and overlaid with lyrics about living vegan. P Money raps on the track, called Vegang: "Can’t lie, it was hard at first, that's why I researched so I didn’t put a foot wrong. On the road, man, you had nothing good on, now I go Subway, can I get a foot-long."

The campaign is created by Above & Beyond, and champions veganism. It was directed by Jamal Edwards through Radical Media.

A social campaign including a TikTok video to launch the project has been designed to appeal to Subway’s Gen Z audience. The campaign launches today (22 April) and will run in the UK and Ireland for one month. In the documentary, which will appear on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, P Money and Star.One discuss the music development process, thoughts on their vegan lifestyles and the importance of caring for the planet.

Vegang will be available on TikTok from 22 April, and available to stream via Spotify in May.