Successful Grey tops business league table

The dotcom advertising frenzy gathered pace in the first quarter of this year with almost half of all agency new-business wins since the beginning of January coming from dotcoms.

The dotcom advertising frenzy gathered pace in the first quarter of

this year with almost half of all agency new-business wins since the

beginning of January coming from dotcoms.

However, there is still a comfortingly old-fashioned feel about the wins

that catapulted agencies to the top of both Campaign’s creative and

media new-business tables. Both Grey and Manning Gottlieb Media earned

their places at the top from solid advertisers with genuine form over

the distance in terms of consistent above-the-line expenditure.

Grey reached its tally of pounds 36.5 million with a mix of local,

international and dotcom business, with wins such as Findus, Twix, Dairy

Crest and

MGM soared to the top of the media table with just two wins, though both

from good reliable advertising accounts - Nissan, worth pounds 23

million and National Power, worth pounds 12 million.

The dotcom explosion is expected to open up the way for a new world

order, in which the smaller, more flexible agencies - and those with

good new-media capability - have more of a chance to pick up the big


Bartle Bogle Hegarty and Leagas Delaney coasted into the creative top

ten on a wave of dotcom successes. BBH made it with such wins as Domain

names, Blackstar and Moonfruit, on top of Sega, and Leagas Delaney leapt

in at number six in the rankings with, estimated at

pounds 15 million.

In the media tables, Optimedia stands second in the ratings, mainly

because of Clickmango, E-garden and Meanwhile

and helped lift New PHD to sixth place and Ask Jeeves

helped propel Mediapolis into the top ten.

The situation creates a dilemma for Campaign. When considering account

wins from traditional advertisers, any exaggeration of a client’s

intentions can be verified by looking at past performance. But with the

new breed of dotcoms, some of which have been around for only a matter

of months, this is not possible. We will be checking as soon as their

work appears and regular figures are to hand.


Rank  Agency                          Total        Total             Net

                                   billings     billings        billings

                                     gained         lost          gained

                                 (pounds m)   (pounds m)      (pounds m)

1     Grey                             36.5          -              36.5

2     Bartle Bogle Hegarty             30.0          -              30.0

3     TBWA GGT Simons Palmer           33.8          6.0            27.8

4     J. Walter Thompson               26.0          -              26.0

5     D’Arcy                           24.2          8.4            15.8

6     Leagas Delaney                   15.0          -              15.0

7     Ogilvy & Mather                  17.0          3.3            13.7

8=    St Luke’s                        13.0          -              13.0

8=    BDH TBWA                         15.0          2.0            13.0

10    Publicis                         12.5          -              12.5

Source: Campaign (wins reported in 17 Dec 99 issue or later). A more

detailed version of this table can be found on

Queries to Claire Cozens on (020) 8267 4895


Rank  Agency                          Total        Total             Net

                                   billings     billings        billings

                                     gained         lost          gained

                                 (pounds m)   (pounds m)      (pounds m)

1     Manning Gottlieb Media           45.0          -              45.0

2     Optimedia                        27.5          -              27.5

3     Starcom Motive                   18.5          -              18.5

4     BBJ                              16.0          -              16.0

5     BMP Solutions                    12.0          -              12.0

6     New PHD                          11.1          -              11.1

7     Carat                            34.0         23.0            11.0

8     MindShare                        23.0         15.0             8.0

9     Mediapolis                       10.5          4.5             6.0

10    MediaCom TMB                      6.0          0.5             5.5

Source: Campaign (wins reported in 17 Dec 99 issue or later). A more

detailed version of this table can be found on

Queries to Claire Cozens on (020) 8267 4895