Summer book review: four books to inspire marketers

From the study of non-conformists to the creation of a best-selling alcohol brand, Campaign asks industry experts to review four insightful books.

Summer book review: four books to inspire marketers

      Priceless – The hidden psychology of value by William Poundstone

      Published by Oneworld Publications

      Reviewed by Paul Knight, chief operating officer, Manning Gottlieb OMD 

Cost, price and value. These words are often used interchangeably. We tend to assume that in most competitive markets, the price for purchasing something is roughly aligned with the cost of producing it (plus a modest profit!). READ MORE

      How non-conformists change the world by Adam Grant

      Published by Viking

      Reviewed by Harjot Singh, chief strategy officer, Europe, McCann Worldgroup EMEA

The dictionary defines an idea as a concept that exists in the mind as a result of mental understanding, awareness or an activity as such. Ideas are therefore an outcome of the mind. Attempting to investigate the kind of minds and mindset that can conceive and deploy the most compelling and lucrative ideas would be a worthwhile endeavour, and one that Adam Grant has embarked on in Originals. READ MORE

      That sh*t will never sell by David Gluckman

      Independently published

      Reviewed by Juliet Haygarth, chief executive, BMB

The focus of David Gluckman’s rather catchily titled book is the story of how Baileys was developed and launched in the early 1970s by Gluckman, who started life as an advertising account exec, and his creative partner Hugh Seymour-Davies. READ MORE

    It takes some to get some by Chris Edwards

    Published by Greenleaf Book Group

    Reviewed by Josh Graff, UK country manager & vice-president, EMEA, Linkedin

As a Scrabble fanatic, I can now add the word phalloplasty to my repertoire – it’s a 22 pointer before you’ve even used a triple letter score. For those who may not be as familiar with the term, phalloplasty is the process of turning a vagina into a penis. READ MORE