Sun ad banned for exhorting children

The Sun newspaper has been rapped by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), which has banned its "irresponsible" TV ad featuring footballer Ian Wright.

The TV ad for The Sun's football card promotion is by WCRS&Co. It features Ian Wright and a group of children discussing the cards and naming footballers, including Fabregas and Rooney.

When Wright says the name "Shaun Wright-Phillips," one of the children rolls their eyes, and asks, "is he worth a week's pocket money? Is anyone?"

The ad received two complaints from individuals, who called it irresponsible for encouraging children to buy the newspaper, which they described as an unsuitable product for them.

Separately, the ASA challenged whether the ad and the reference to "pocket money" directly exhorted children to buy the Sun, or to ask others to buy it for them, to obtain the cards.

Clearcast and the Sun described the title as a family newspaper, and therefore suitable for children. Clearcast separately said the reference to pocket money was a joke about the amount of money spent on transferring players.

The ASA did not agree that all children would understand the joke, and would see the reference to pocket money as an encouragement to buy the newspaper, which is a breach of the Code. The ad must not appear again in its current form.