The Sun 'columnists' by WCRS

The Sun has launched an outdoor and print campaign in the Carlton TV region to showcase its daily columnists.

The ads aim to highlight the paper's content as well as its 20p weekday price in the region. There are six ads showcasing the columnist who appears in the paper each day.

Ad 1:
Monday - ‘King Among Jokers'
Political commentator Trevor Kavanagh towers over a House of Commons built from cards.

Ad 2:
Tuesday - ‘TV Anarchist'
TV critic Ally Ross is poised to blow up a pile of TV sets with dynamite.

Ad 3:
Wednesday - ‘Opinions With Balls'  
Opinionated Jane Moore flies through the air on a giant demolition ball.

Ad 4:
Thursday - ‘Fighting Talk'
Outspoken Kelvin Mackenzieappears in armour.

Ad 5:
Saturday - ‘The Nation's Godmother' 
Lorraine Kelly sparkles as a fairy godmother.