Sunday Telegraph considers tabloid

The Sunday Telegraph is considering taking the majority of its edition to a tabloid format in a revamp of the paper.

The newspaper's editor, Sarah Sands, is considering changes to the non-news section of the title. The main news section is expected to remain as a broadsheet.

The Sunday Times, the paper's closest rival, already publishes sections such as Home & Driving in a tabloid format. Sands is said to be at an advanced stage with the changes, with the possibility that they will be introduced as early as next month.

Meanwhile, The Independent on Sunday is looking at taking its main section tabloid and The Observer has confirmed that it will eventually move to the Berliner format, which was adopted by The Guardian this week.

The Telegraph Group has steadfastly refused to make changes to the format of The Daily Telegraph following tabloid relaunches from The Independent and The Times. Instead, it has marketed its broadsheet using the line: "Impact. Not compact."

Sands' replacements as the joint deputy editors of the daily title were announced yesterday: Neil Darbyshire and Will Lewis share the title.