The Sunday Times promotes film season ahead of the Oscars

The Sunday Times is promoting its inaugural film and screen season with a series of minimalist posters giving readers an insider's guide to film - quite literally.


Creative agency Grey London, as part of WPP’s Team News, has created a set of posters that flip the way moviegoers look at film – enabling them to "see it all from the inside" through the eyes of the protagonist.

The posters, called "eyes", will run in-paper and online this month in The Sunday Times and The Times, alongside exclusive content for their film and screen season.

The ads depict scenes such as the road to Las Vegas, viewed through the aviator sunglasses of Fear and Loathing’s Raoul Duke, and the spindly legs of Despicable Me’s Gru, as seen through the wide-eyes of a bright-yellow 'Minion'.

Nick Stringer, chief creative officer of News UK, said: "We're really pleased with the Grey work on our Film & Screen series - it's a simple but very stylish articulation of the editorial proposition (an insider's view of TV and film across the month, with BAFTA and Academy Award ceremonies) and one that neatly allows us to promote the broad range of film and TV content published over the month."

The series will conclude with a one-off execution, "heads", to coincide with the paper’s Oscars special. The poster shows big-screen icons, Russian doll-style, enclosed within a golden Academy Award.

"Eyes" is a series of four posters, written by Ben Buswell, with art direction by Andrew Singleton. The copywriter for "heads" was Peter Giblin, with art director Alex Dunning. The posters were illustrated by Tracie Ching.