The Sun's Wade downplays 'ginger ninja' assault on husband Kemp

LONDON - The Sun editor Rebekah Wade has used the pages of her own paper in an attempt to play down her arrest for allegedly assaulting her husband, 'EastEnders'' hardman Ross Kemp, calling the incident 'a silly row which got out of hand'.

An article in The Sun today emphasises that although she was arrested and held for eight hours after the incident in the early hours of Thursday, she was released without caution or charge.

The article also claims that a fat lip, widely reported to have been dealt to Kemp by Wade, was sustained during filming of 'Ultimate Force', the ITV SAS drama series he stars in and which is now filming its fourth series.

The paper also quotes Kemp, who made his comeback as Grant Mitchell in 'EastEnders' last week, as saying, "it was a lot of fuss about nothing".

By coincidence, Kemp's 'EastEnders' co-star Steve McFadden is also alleged to have been the victim of domestic violence at the hands of an ex-girlfriend yesterday, which was the news hook that dominated The Sun's front page.

The Sun's article comes in stark contrast to widespread coverage across the print, online and broadcast media.

The Times headlined its story "Hard man of 'EastEnders' is decked by the ginger ninja", in reference to Wade's flaming red hair, while The Independent is among others to highlight the irony of Wade overseeing an anti-domestic violence campaign in The Sun.

The story was given top billing by fierce rival the Daily Mirror, but the paper's delight was slightly marred by a blunder on earlier editions when McFadden's ex Angela Bostock was wrongly called Alison on the front page. 

Most coverage notes that before the alleged assault Wade had been out with newly resigned cabinet minister David Blunkett MP, with ITV News further claiming that for part of the night she had been dining with her boss, News International owner Rupert Murdoch.

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