SuperNoodles hints at effect of Spicy edition

Mother has used Johnny Cash's Ring of Fire to back its campaign for

limited edition Vindaloo-flavoured SuperNoodles from the Batchelors

Spicy range.

The national TV campaign plays on the fact that eating spicy food is

known to have certain after-effects. It features three scenarios where

people who have eaten the noodles are in desperate need of a toilet.

The first spot opens on two men eyeballing each other as they throw a

look down a long corridor. In a slow motion run reminiscent of Chariots

of Fire, they jostle urgently past each other, panic etched onto their

faces. As one is tripped up, the other sprints past and reaches the

safety of the toilet, slamming the door shut behind him.

A second spot features police officers making an urgent house call while

worried neighbours stand around clamouring about the manic screams

coming from within. The police advance into the house and break down a

door only to find a man sitting on his toilet after eating Vindaloo


The third ad features a longing shot of a toilet.

The television ads will be supported by work through Naked, which

includes stickers on the backs of toilet doors and sound-triggered

cubicle installations omitting strobe lights and smoke.

Andy Bellass of Mother said: "We hold our hats up to clients who are

brave enough not to turn away from the most compelling truth surrounding

their product, even if the truth, at first glance, is something most

would shy away from. SuperNoodles over the past few years have broken

new ground in honesty and this is no exception."

The campaign was written and art directed by Mother. It was directed by

Brian Buckley through Hungry Man. Media planning and buying is through

Initiative Media.

The campaign follows on the heels of the acclaimed "karaoke" and

"catflap" executions which ran for the Spicy campaign last year.