Superstar footballer Cristiano Ronaldo goes undercover for prank viral

Social video expert Be On reviews the latest viral by Nike.

Imagine Cristiano Ronaldo, but three stone heavier with a full head of hair, a beard and dodgy sunglasses. Would you play football with him?

It turns out that the answer to that question is likely no, if you’re a member of the Madrid general public. Consumer electronics company Monster, which has teamed up with Ronaldo to create ROC Live Life Loud, an "exclusive lifestyle electronics collection", found this out when he went undercover.

While walking his dog through a square in the city in disguise, Ronaldo, starts his tricks simple, gradually building up momentum throughout, before a big reveal at the end.

Celebrities going under cover isn’t an original concept, but the indifference of the general public makes for an entertaining viewing experience. Ronaldo gets ignored by most and even rejected when asking for one woman’s phone number.

Clearly brands are capitalising on this kind of humour. Arnold Schwarzenegger recently pranked fans by dressing up as the Terminator for charity. And last year, Drake, famously posed as a reporter, asking unsuspecting members of the public their opinion on himself.

While ROC’s latest viral might be lacking that laugh out loud factor, Ronaldo’s humble approach gives the video authenticity. The video is sure to bring a smile to most, as the viewer watches one young boy’s face light up when Ronaldo signs the football and removes his disguise, for all to see who he really is.

Running just over four minutes, the footage could have benefitted with being cut down to maintain viewer interest. This doesn’t seem to have hindered audience engagement, however. The video has ramped up 9.3 million views since the time of review and has also attracted over thirty thousand shares on Facebook. This figure may have been larger still, if it hadn’t been leaked online in January with many unofficial channels taking a slice of the pie.