Southern Comfort certainly struck the right note with the judges, taking two golds and the Grand Prix award for a musical delight

Southern Comfort certainly struck the right note with the judges, taking

two golds and the Grand Prix award for a musical delight

Gold in the Leisure category of Consumer Promotions, gold in the point-

of-sale category of Promotional Communications, nominated for most

innovative promotional concept in Creative Excellence and most

importantly, overall Grand Prix winner.

Such splendid results must have been sweet music to the ears of IMP’s

creative and account teams for their work on IDV’s Southern Comfort

spirit brand.

Sweet jazz music in fact, for Dixieland tunes lie at the heart of their

jaunty promotion titled ‘When the band strikes up you’re a winner’.

The jazz, chosen to tie in with the brand’s American Deep South

advertising theme, rings out whenever a Southern Comfort is ordered at

the bar.

This happens because a cunningly conceived device attached to the bottle

triggers a musical mechanism on the optic unit. And, just in case loud

chatter drowns out the music, a light flashes like mad on the front of

the bottle to ensure all eyes swivel towards it.

Different jazz tunes are linked to different prizes of T-shirts,

baseball caps and glow badges, which are handed out immediately. Those

poor drinkers who fail to win anything hear the bottle groan, ‘Oh no’.

The promotion was aimed at drinkers aged 18 to 24 years, a bid to

reverse the general decline in the consumption of spirits by young


This decline, and the increasing numbers of drinks available on the

market, made IDV realise it has to promote Southern Comfort in order to

make the brand stand out. It also has to keep the trade happy by

continuously coming up with ways to add value to the pub experience to

keep on bringing in the customers.

Drinkers were informed of the promotion by point-of-sale material in

pubs, including banner posters, tent cards and an optic fascia card

inserted in front of the musical optic.

In pride of place on all of these were images of New Orleans taken from

the ad campaign.

A key measure of the promotion’s success was bound to be reaction from

the trade, so the IMP team and IDV must have been pleased to learn that

all key Southern Comfort trade customers are clamouring to run the

activity in their outlets. Sales of the spirit doubled, compared with

the same period in the previous year.

Southern Comfort consumers can expect the musical optic to continue its

serenade while they drink, for the device is likely to feature in future