Surge in surfing fails to show in ad spend

Surge in surfing fails to show in ad spend

Consumers across Europe now spend more time using the internet than reading magazines, a survey from the online industry claims.

But online ad revenue still only accounts for 1.5% of total ad spend across the continent, according to research by the European Interactive Advertising Association.

The trade body, which represents sellers of interactive media across Europe, said that although TV still commands 41% of all media consumption, the web represents 10% - compared to the eight per cent covered by magazines.

The research also found that France, Spain and Italy are catching up with the UK in terms of internet penetration and that nearly 45% of consumers are watching less TV as a result of using the internet more.

And despite cynicism about online advertising, one in three respondents said they thought online advertising made a brand more forward-thinking - with less than half thinking that there is too much advertising.