Surprising food trends for 2015

John Hearn from Tapenade explores four unique catering trends for 2015.

More weird and wonderful presentation on the cards for 2015
More weird and wonderful presentation on the cards for 2015

Food stations

Hearn says:

"Food stations are a great way to give people variety and get guests mingling. For example, slider bars with neon signage, dressed with retro cream soda and Coke bottles."

Where we’ve seen them:

At Unique Venues of London’s 21st birthday party at the Royal Academy of Arts in London. By Word of Mouth erected a ceviche ice bar, strawberries and cream station and mobile doughnut stand around the art gallery.

Unusual presentation

Hearn says:

"I have been asked to do all manner of things, from putting sauces in toothpaste tubes and mini paint pots, to serving fish in a sardine tin. Recently, a client asked for smoked baked beans and sausages in a sealed bean tin. We had to put the beans and sausages in the individual tins and fill the cans with smoke before sealing them. The guests were surprised and delighted when they pulled the ring pull and the smoke escaped - it was fantastic theatre."

Where we’ve seen it:

At Rhubarb’s networking event at London’s Natural History Museum. Inspired by the scientific setting, guests were presented with stark white cocktails presented in laboratory glasswear and garnished with fruit crystal in petri dishes.

Japanese influences

Hearn says:

"We are offering dishes such as lobster with white radish and pickled baby mushrooms; sweet and sour fennel and ginger salt miso cured salmon, sushi sesame rice and pickled ginger; shiso and tempura nori and a pipette of light smoked lime soy and chicken mushi with broccoli cream and crisp chicken skin."

Where we’ve seen it

At Light Motif and Cooks & Partners winter soiree at the Talina Centre in Fulham, London. After a drinks reception and DJ set from Miles De Roeper, guests were treated to a sushi-making masterclass held in the Cooks & Partners kitchen.

Bitter taste

Hearn says:  

"Pomegranate molasses is my favourite ingredient. I use it as a base for salad dressings in slow-cooked dishes and even as a condiment to bring that bitter hit. Grapefruit, burdock and chicory will all appear more in our salads, but it’s all about the balance. When combined with other flavours they can really lift a dish and create something unusual."

Where we’ve seen it

On Keith Prowse’s menu at Wimbledon’s hospitality facility, The Gatsby Club. Designed by chef Albert Roux, it featured seared scalllops with radish and truffle juice vinaigrette and lamb served with pistachio yogurt and a pomegranate glaze.

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