Syms appointed by Optimedia to build brand consultancy

Optimedia has appointed the Interbrand brand consultant Patrick

Syms as its first director of brand insight as it moves to bolster its

strategic credentials.

Syms will build a brand consultancy for the agency. He will run

Optimedia's UK media research division and advise clients on the

changing relationship between brands and consumers and how

communications channels influence this.

Before joining Interbrand, Syms worked as an account planner at Court

Burkitt, where he worked on Archers, River Island and Britvic. At

Interbrand he developed the Ocado brand, John Lewis' online grocery


Syms will take responsibility for the UK research operation from Anthony

Jones, the European research director, who will co-ordinate Optimedia

International's network research service.

As well as working with clients, Syms will also have an internal role of

introducing brand skills to Optimedia planners. He will report to Mark

Waugh, a managing partner at Optimedia.

Clients will include L'Oreal, Yahoo!, British Airways and COI


Waugh said: "This appointment is another step forward in our

understanding of how consumers experience brands in their entirety, and

credibly expands our total communications planning concept,