Tabasco aims to educate consumers about its flavour-enhancing qualities

Tabasco, the hot pepper sauce, is bidding to position itself as a "flavour enhancer ", as important as salt and pepper to consumers.

Tabasco: ad campaign seeks to reposition hot sauce
Tabasco: ad campaign seeks to reposition hot sauce

The campaign, which has been devised by Spinnaker, will introduce the strapline, "Release the flavour with Tabasco", in a bid to inform consumers that it is more than just a pepper sauce.

It kicks off at the beginning of July and will run across press and online, and includes a sampling campaign. Central to the campaign will be a social media drive running across Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. It is also hoping to attract activity from food bloggers.

Marketers at Tabasco believe that consumers view Tabasco as just a hot sauce.

They are now making a concerted push to broaden its appeal, so that it will be seen as a flavour enhancer for all sorts of cooking occasions and recipes.

Louise Keohane, brand manager of Tabasco, said: "Most people have a bottle of Tabasco in the back of their cupboard. We want to liberate it and allow it to claim its rightful place next to the salt and pepper as a flavour enhancer."

Tabasco is made by the US-based McIlheney company.