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Gorilla ad works its magic on sales of Cadbury bars-784573 Brand Republic-BR2 1,932 1,589
MediaCom keeps top agency spot as OMDs billings surge-784563 Media Week-XMW 900 803
Kaplinskys Five News debut proves a winner-784568 Brand Republic-BR2 833 735
Sony Ericsson shifts adspend into digital-784547 Marketing-MKT 653 569
Online drives luxury goods sales-784620 Revolution UK-REV 425 368
Olympics sponsors face Torch protests in London-784565 Marketing-MKT 379 329
Virgin 1 owner reviews £8.7m account-784584 Media Week-XMW 346 315
Morrisons to launch first regular in-store magazine-784597 Media Week-XMW 341 289
EMI eyes revenue boost through digital overhaul-784571 Marketing-MKT 294 255
Frost’s fate uncertain in Publicis shake-up-784583 Media Week-XMW 269 211
BBC to sell shows through iTunes-784572 Brand Republic-BR2 261 227
CBS set to sign £60m Westfield contract-784589 Media Week-XMW 241 218
Natasha Kaplinsky attracts new viewers to Five News-784596 Brand Republic-BR2 239 210
Lily Allen ads for Agent Provocateur to be dropped-784647 Brand Republic-BR2 233 192
Aussies kick out migrants in digital awareness drive-784473 Brand Republic-BR2 204 175
Agencies and media owners unite to boost sponsorship-784629 Media Week-XMW 203 187
Samsung in drive to unify brand identity-784577 Marketing-MKT 186 159
Marmite launches Facebook group-784460 Brand Republic-BR2 154 127
Five to relaunch Download with ad-funded VoD offer-784650 Media Week-XMW 145 125
UK broadcasters must wait months for key US shows-784619 Media Week-XMW 143 130
Sprite and 7UP draw battle lines-784570 Marketing-MKT 138 121
NP set to back family savings-784546 Marketing-MKT 135 121
Loyalty scheme Green Rewards plans direct campaign-784543 Marketing-MKT 131 113
Dominos Pizza takes a slice of TV show-784652 Media Week-XMW 129 118
InBev UK and Ireland chief Evans steps down-784569 Brand Republic-BR2 129 117
Apple signals intent to make video games debut-784567 Marketing-MKT 126 104
London 2012 appoints agency-784905 Marketing-MKT 123 97
Microsoft offers Yahoo! best chance of catching Google-784564 Brand Republic-BR2 121 110
RPM makes promotions on back of growth-784614 Brand Republic-BR2 121 102
Joint chief proposed as ABC and NRS move to converge-784630 Media Week-XMW 116 99
PG widens lead over Unilever among top 100 advertisers-784475 Marketing-MKT 116 84
Kuperman poised to take on Omnicom digital role-784581 Media Asia-XX6 105 85
BeatThatQuote awards offline media to M2M-784529 Brand Republic-BR2 85 77
Publicis Blueprint pulls plug on Blockbusters ad-funded customer title-784483 Marketing-MKT 83 54
Revolution launches jobs website-784548 Brand Republic-BR2 83 68
Toshiba on the verge of abandoning HD DVD-784421 Brand Republic-BR2 83 71
Broadcasters face tough regulations on premium-rate phone-ins-784602 Brand Republic-BR2 82 73
Bernard Matthews calls advertising pitch-784899 Campaign-CAM 80 66
Top Gear in executive reshuffle-784490 Media Week-XMW 78 67
New platform adopted by major ISPs-784551 Campaign-CAM 75 60
Daily Mail launches free text messaging service-784446 Brand Republic-BR2 72 64
Save the Children to link donors with disadvantaged-784389 Brand Republic-BR2 68 58
Adam Eve blog-778051 Campaign-CAM 65 37
Blamer out after Creston pulls plug on US venture-784432 Brand Republic-BR2 65 47
Lexus hires The Listening Agency for contact work-784586 Brand Republic-BR2 65 49
Cats Protection unveils new welcome pack-784456 Brand Republic-BR2 64 50
Tequila names China GM-784574 Media Asia-XX6 61 51
Advertising: is it just a load of cog and balls?-784587 Campaign-CAM 60 44
Givenchy to sponsor Sky Oscars coverage-784534 Media Week-XMW 60 49
NME Radio staffs up ahead of launch-784526 Media Week-XMW 60 56
Four bidders do battle for Virgin Radio at up to £70m-784424 Brand Republic-BR2 59 46
Virgin TV launches planning and buying review-784896 Campaign-CAM 58 54
Freud takes Independent ad account-784895 Campaign-CAM 57 46
LOCOG picks Chime for Olympic task-784906 Campaign-CAM 57 37
US newspapers launch online ad network-784471 Brand Republic-BR2 56 50
Disneyland Paris ties with MTV for new ride promotion-784521 Brand Republic-BR2 55 40
ESPN creates Euro digital arm-784489 Media Week-XMW 54 47
Frost%u2019s fate uncertain in Publicis shake-up-784583 Media Week-XMW 53 3
FT targets airports with campaign-784488 Media Week-XMW 51 44
Tesco back Dragons Den-style show to reward unknown brands-783075 Marketing-MKT 50 34
How to integrate experiential into campaign planning-784487 Marketing-MKT 49 32
MediaCom A-P names digital chief-784431 Media Asia-XX6 48 41
JWT China bags Red Bull creative-784430 Media Asia-XX6 46 37
Royal Mail appoints head of mailing agents-784486 Brand Republic-BR2 46 36
Indonesia proposes pitch fees-784580 Media Asia-XX6 45 39
Northern Rock rescue leaves marketing in flux-784566 Marketing-MKT 43 36
Strategy Verdict launch of digital title Gizmo - 19 February-784643 Media Week-XMW 43 26
C4s Rude Tube beats new ITV dramas with 2.5m viewers-784439 Brand Republic-BR2 42 37
Lessons for Tesco: brands that star in reality TV shows have a mixed record-784520 Marketing-MKT 39 30
MEC strengthens Asia Pacific presence with new hires-784427 Media Asia-XX6 39 33
Primesight looks to boost sales teams-784595 Media Week-XMW 39 34
IKEA selects Ogilvy pairing in China-784428 Media Asia-XX6 38 34
Lily Cole joins Marks Spencers model line-up-767147 Brand Republic-BR2 36 30
BLM powers cider brands UK debut-784638 Media Week-XMW 35 31
Lexus hires The Listening Company for contact work-784586 Brand Republic-BR2 35 32
Clear Channel in portfolio revamp-784622 Media Week-XMW 34 31
Domino’s Pizza takes a slice of TV show-784652 Media Week-XMW 33 32
Ezecom selects BrandSolutions-784576 Media Asia-XX6 32 14
The Top 10 Agencies-783007 Campaign-CAM 32 18
Yahoo! and Bebo sign advertising partnership-737415 Brand Republic-BR2 32 28
Cadbury reworks Trident strategy after TV ad ban-647933 Marketing-MKT 31 25
Five News takes on new look-784533 Media Week-XMW 31 28
Channel 4 to bring The Hits under 4Music banner-784582 Marketing-MKT 30 25
Government appoints agencies for languages campaign-784606 Brand Republic-BR2 29 24
10 best agencies to work for-773809 Campaign-CAM 28 16
Top three ISPs sign up for targeted ad service-784288 Brand Republic-BR2 28 26
Auto Trader revamps to counter circulation fall-784611 Media Week-XMW 27 20
Campaign New Business Tables-784259 Campaign-CAM 27 16
Engine buys Andrews Aldridge-783816 Campaign-CAM 27 22
GCap wields jobs axe at Gold Radio-784409 Media Week-XMW 27 18
Social networking suicide cult claims new victim-781887 Brand Republic-BR2 27 25
BBC names successor to Evan Davis as economics editor-784400 Brand Republic-BR2 26 20
Global expands for sponsorship drive-784607 Media Week-XMW 26 21
Yahoo! talks with AOL in attempt to escape Microsoft-784420 Brand Republic-BR2 26 24
BeatThatQuote awards media account to M2M-784529 Brand Republic-BR2 25 22
Bumrungrad selects JWT Thailand-784426 Media Asia-XX6 25 21
Mars gift application to launch on Facebook-783752 Promotions & Incentives-PRI 25 23
Strategy chief Ling leaves I-Level-784968 Media Week-XMW 25 20
Tiger Balm Thailand selects TBWA-784579 Media Asia-XX6 24 21
Ali G asked to promote Adelaide to Brits-784382 Brand Republic-BR2 23 18
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