Tabloid titles buck August sales slump

The Daily Express enjoyed the highest sales increase for August, growing its circulation figure by 4.86 per cent to 876,563 copies, according to this month's ABCs.

In the national morning popular sector, every paper bucked the traditional August sales slump to increase circulation. The Daily Mirror was up 0.96 per cent, to 1,769,711 copies, while The Sun and the Daily Star increased their sales by 0.53 per cent and 0.42 per cent respectively.

In the quality morning sector, The Independent increased its sales by 0.12 per cent, while The Guardian, The Times and The Daily Telegraph all saw their circulations drop. In its final month in its broadsheet format, The Guardian's sales dropped by 5 per cent to 341, 698 copies.

A combination of a strong July sale - caused by a hunger for news on the London bombings - and the traditionally slow August, meant sales of London's Evening Standard dropped by 15 per cent to 316,453 copies.

The Daily Mail & General Trust has announced that display advertising had dropped in the 11 months to the end of August on both the Daily Mail (down 2.5 per cent) and The Mail on Sunday (1.3 per cent).