Taco Bell hypes the return of nacho fries with 'Fry Force' faux trailer

Deutsch LA and animation studio PsyOp partnered for the anime-style spot.

The anime-style film centers around Rei, the leader of the Fry Force, an elite group that keeps Mexican-spice-loving monsters at bay. The spot opens on a group of people enjoying the beach before they’re targeted by a monster from the ocean. Rei saves the day, fueled by the disappearance of her brother, Kosuke. 

"I know what it’s like to lose something you love," Rei says. " It eats at me. Every.Day."

The plot thickens when it's revealed that Kosuke is the villain controlling the monsters to get his hands on Nacho Fries. But, Rei doesn’t back down and is prepared to fight Kosuke with her double blades.

"Either we fight together, or we fry alone," she says.