TalkSPORT launches ambient campaign to woo football fans

London football fans will be bombarded with the talkSPORT phone

number when a new ambient campaign breaks next week.

Planned and bought by Carat, the campaign aims to drive listeners to the

station which has acquired the broadcast rights for Chelsea, Tottenham

and Fulham football clubs.

Media in and around the grounds will prompt fans to join post-match


Phonesites will be supported by 48-sheet posters outside the grounds and

a washroom campaign in the stadiums.

The campaign will be expanded throughout August using bus-rears and a

season-long campaign in Metro, the Evening Standard and niche


TalkSPORT has spent £1 million on advertising in the past year.

SMP produced the creative content of the campaign.

TalkSPORT is part of The Wireless Group and its impact sales director,

Jason Trout, said: "TalkSPORT's relationship with its listeners is of

great importance. This groundbreaking campaign will allow us to interact

with new and existing fans in an innovative and highly targeted


Live Premiership coverage on talkSPORT offers a fantastic platform for

talkSPORT to expand its listener base further."

Nick Jeffries, client services manager at Carat, added: "With this

campaign we have managed to hit both the hardcore football fan and also

broaden our church to the more generic fan using specific messages in

specific media. The call to action messages in and around the grounds

will strengthen talkSPORT's profile among the hardcore fans, helping to

maintain the station's credibility, while the buses and press executions

should impact more instantly on the listenership."