Talon ventures into programmatic TV ads in pubs

Tech also enables brands to advertise on programmatic screen network to deliver contextual ads.

Screach: available on Premier Sports coverage
Screach: available on Premier Sports coverage

Talon, the independent outdoor advertising company, has partnered UK streaming service Screach to allow brands to advertise programmatically on pub TVs in the UK.

The technology also offers advertisers a programmatic screen network with the potential to deliver bespoke, contextual ads. Screach uses split-screen displays and digital ad insertion technology to run any combination of ads alongside video content and live sports coverage on a venue’s TV screens.

However, it is only available for programming from Premier Sports, the pay-TV broadcaster that shows Spanish and Italian football. It is not available for English Premier League football that is shown on Sky Sports and BT Sport. 

It is hoped that the new service will appeal to the "long tail" of smaller advertisers because they can target small geographic areas with budget-controlling capabilities that Talon says is comparable to Google Ads. 

The platform offers real-time audience measurement, including consumer dwell times, while its artificial-intelligence tech processes data about both the venue and the audience profile. In time, Talon said it will also track bar sales in real time that will be used to show contextualised ads to exactly the right consumers at the right time.

Screach’s plug-and-play technology is already available including in Marston’s pubs, as well as hundreds of independent pubs and hotels operated by smaller chains such as the Phoenix Pub Group.

Talon is now adding Screach to its stable of advertising partners and platforms. Earlier this year, the company launched Plato, an automated media trading platform that aggregates out-of-home inventory into a single campaign planning and delivery system. 

Barry Cupples, Talon’s chief executive, said: "Screach offers one of the missing links in OOH advertising. It blends the reach of broadcast with the data-led programmatic nature of digital online and will allow us to tailor ads to suit the audience, thereby increasing relevance. 

"Its AI technology may be in its infancy, but even at this stage the insight and power it offers is compelling. This is a bold new form of OOH – and particularly for those categories which face restrictions in how they advertise elsewhere, the potential is huge."