Tango 'St George' by Henry Howell Chaldecott Lury

No commercial was more representative of HHCL at its irreverent and refreshingly different prime than the "St George" spot for Blackcurrent Tango.

The agency always argued that to produce anything distinctive you had to challenge convention – and St George certainly did that. Indeed, it will go down as one of the funniest UK commercials of all time with its superb script, music and performances.

It star is Ray Gardner, senior sales executive for Blackcurrent Tango, who works himself into a frenzy on being told that a French exchange student, Sebastian Lois (all hair gel and fancy loafers) doesn’t enjoy the drink’s flavour.

Shot as a continuous sequence, the action moves from Tango’s head office to the White Cliffs of Dover where Gardner challenges the world to a boxing match.