TAP appoints ex-LWT sales chief Miller to consult on strategy

Ron Miller, the legendary former LWT sales director, is joining The Allmond Partnership as a consultant.

Miller now lives as a tax exile in Guernsey and his position at TAP is now the only consultancy role that he holds in the media industry .

According to Nigel Allmond, the managing director of TAP, Miller, who is extremely well connected in the industry, will be involved in developing the agency's corporate strategy.

Miller made a sizeable personal fortune out of the golden handshake deal offered to senior LWT executives, including the then chief executive, Greg Dyke, and the then chairman, Sir Christopher Bland, as a reward for helping the station retain the London weekend ITV licence in 1991.

These shares rocketed in value when LWT was the target of a hostile, but ultimately successful, takeover bid by Granada in 1994. Miller left the company shortly afterwards following a dispute concerning who would get the top jobs at the combined saleshouse, the now defunct Laser.

He then took on various non-executive and consultancy positions and has worked with Carat, the European media giant CLT and with the industry's charity Nabs. He formally relinquished his posts in 1996 but remains closely linked with Nabs.

Allmond said: "Miller will provide a vision for the company and act as a management mentor and a best practitioner."