Tastecard opens Valentine's restaurant for solo diners

Guests will eat while gazing at their reflection in the mirror.

Tastecard: a mood-boosting playlist will create a romantic atmosphere
Tastecard: a mood-boosting playlist will create a romantic atmosphere

Tastecard is opening a romantic solo restaurant in Shoreditch where you can have dinner alone on Valentine’s Day while enjoying your own reflection.

The restaurant was inspired by a Mintel survey that found one in three people regularly eats every meal alone.

Guests will be able to take themselves on a date, on 13 or 14 February, as they sit eating across from a mirror featuring feel-good quotes. A mood-boosting playlist will create a romantic atmosphere inside the Great Eastern Street pop-up dubbed "Two4one".

A set menu will be provided by restaurant partner Absurd Bird with a starter of chicken/vegan tenders or buffalo wings, a main of crispy fried chicken or vegan burger and a dessert of peanut butter cheesecake with toffee sauce.

At the end of the experience, the mirrors on the tables will be raised to reveal who the person has been sat across the table from. The diners will then have the option to split the bill and claim a two-for-one deal.

Tickets are £20 with all proceeds going to charity Mary’s Meals.

Matt Turner, founder of Tastecard, said: "This is a really fun, exciting pop-up that carries a significant message. People need to remember the importance of loving yourself and despite numerous restaurants that are great for solo dining, no restaurant experience has been designed with a function that offers the two of you, for the price of one."

Talker Tailor Trouble Maker is delivering the project.