Taylor Swift drowns in kittens in Diet Coke campaign

Taylor Swift gets lost in a sea of kittens in the latest TV campaign for Diet Coke.

The spot, which was created by Droga5 New York, is part of Diet Coke’s 'Get A Taste' campaign, which launched in September. It will air in the US today.

The 30-second ad opens with Swift playing with her new kitten, but after several sips of Diet Coke, she ends up with a roomful of kittens. The end line is, "What if life tasted as good as Diet Coke."

The backing track is an as-yet unreleased song from Swift’s new album, 1989. Swift also gets to plug her album at the end of the ad.

The work was written by Matt McCarron, art directed by Conor Hagan and directed by Keith Schofield through Caviar. It will only air on TV in the US.

Swift signed a multi-year deal with Diet Coke in 2013, and featured in her first TV ad for the brand in April of that year.