TBWA creates Fans' Stadium ad for AFC Wimbledon share issue

TBWA/London has used the theme of football hooliganism in its first television work for AFC Wimbledon to launch the club's share issue.

AFC Wimbledon's parent company, AFCW, has launched the campaign to raise funds to purchase a ground, which will be operated as the "Fans' Stadium".

The ad aims to highlight the fact that all football supporters have the opportunity to buy shares and get involved.

The ad shows groups of fans from clubs such as Manchester United, Liverpool, Everton and Sunderland carrying bricks, hammers, crowbars and lumps of wood on their way to what initially looks like a fight. When the various groups arrive at their destination, one man with a brick says: "Right, who wants it?" But instead of a fight breaking out, a workman with a wheelbarrow enters and says : "Yes please, mate, stick it in here. Got any more?"

All of the various club supporters are seen pitching in together on a building site. The spot ends with a voiceover stating: "Please help the supporters of AFC Wimbledon create the Fans' Stadium. A place all football supporters can own a share in."

AFC Wimbledon is the football club that was formed last year by the disaffected supporters of Wimbledon FC, following the Football Association's decision to allow the club's owners to relocate it.

"For an agency full of fans passionate about the game working on the campaign was a labour of love," Paul Silburn, the ad's writer and art director, said. "Hopefully, it will encourage football fans to back the stance AFC Wimbledon supporters are taking."

The ad was directed by Stuart Douglas and produced through @radical.media.

Media is by TBWA/London.