TBWA hires Stephen Ward after winning £30m H3G account

TBWA/London has hired the screenwriter and former Flying Colours

director, Stephen Ward, to work as a senior creative on its £30

million Hutchison H3G business.

Ward worked alongside TBWA's chairman and creative director, Trevor

Beattie, in the pitch for the H3G account earlier this year. The agency

won after a final shootout against Delaney Lund Knox Warren & Partners

in August, once HHCL & Partners was eliminated in an earlier round.

"Stephen's input on the Hutchison pitch was invaluable," Beattie


"What he doesn't know about the future of mobiles ain't worth


The appointment reunites Ward with Beattie, whom he worked with at

Holmes Knight Ritchie in the 80s after starting out as a copywriter at

J. Walter Thompson.

Ward moved to Hollywood in the 90s after the screenplay for his Beatles

bio-pic, Backbeat, was commissioned by Working Title Films.

He has since developed comedy scripts for Armstrong and Miller.