TBWA launches 3 campaign

Hutchison 3G is to debut its long-awaited television campaign promoting 3, the first third-generation mobile telephone network, through TBWA/London.

The campaign, which launches this week and is a precursor to the full promotional launch in the coming months, will promote 3's videophone capabilities.

One 60-second spot, called "television", opens with the statement: "You are not watching TV." This is followed by a series of video vignettes featuring everyday humorous events, ranging from comedy to football and family moments.

As the camera pulls back, it becomes clear that everything the viewer has seen is presented as if it has been watched on a 3 videophone.

"We set out to build consumer awareness of the core 3 proposition - that these are not telephones, they are videophones," Lisa Gernon, the strategy and marketing director at 3, said.

Last month, competitor Orange kicked off its first ad campaign by its new agency Mother to promote its free picture-messaging offer under the theme "muck about". Orange says it intends to postpone the launch of its own third-generation services until the end of the year.

The 3 ad was written by Clive Pickering and art directed by Neil Dawson.

It was directed by Trevor Melvin at The Paul Weiland Film Company. Media planning and buying is through MindShare.