TBWA launches its debut Gossard TV work

Gossard aims to introduce a new concern for women making underwear purchases in its first TV work through TBWA/London.

The £5 million campaign shows the horror of being discovered in unmatching bras and knickers, as it attempts to build a market for the launch of Gossard's "Co-ordinates range of underwear.

The ad, which runs in 30- and 40-second versions, breaks on 3 June and runs throughout the month. It builds on the age-old advice to always wear clean underwear in case of an accident.

"We're addressing a fundamental issue of our time, TBWA's chairman and creative director, Trevor Beattie, said. "Forget whether your bum looks big in this. Ask yourself instead, do you bra and pants match?"

The ad, which was written by Beattie, art directed by Bil Bungay and directed by Frank Budgen through Gorgeous, is set in a casualty ward which a young girl is rushed into after being hit by a bus.

Despite suffering little apparent pain the girl is in extreme distress and she becomes hysterical when the nurses remove her clothes to reveal her hideously unco-ordinated underwear. The campaign is TBWA's first one for Gossard since it took the account from Partners BDDH last October.

However, it stresses female concerns rather than the raunchy multi-sex appeal advertising with which the agency launched Sara Lee's Pretty Polly and Wonderbra ranges. The ads will run on a schedule, planned and bought by PHD, which will concentrate on women's programming across all terrestrial stations and Sky.