TBWA\London creates Elastoplast viral

LONDON - TBWA\London has produced a new viral and microsite for Elastoplast, aiming to make the product more exciting for children.

Brand owner Beiersdorf asked the agency to create an ad which rebranded the product as a badge of an exciting life, rather than a painful story.

The viral shows a giraffe made from Elastoplast escaping from the circus.

Jo Blundell, managing director of network business at TBWA\London said: "Kids love the excitement of creating their own stories and the emotive insight behind every bump your little one gets is that there's a exciting beginning, not painful end.

"Elastoplast have taken this truth and really brought it to life with charming animation.'

The website hosts content that lets children create their own stories through characters created from plasters.

Visit the Elastoplast website