TBWA Manchester creates TV campaign for PZ Cussons

Imperial Leather maker PZ Cussons has launched a campaign created by TBWA Manchester supporting its new mother and baby care range, which aims to subvert the stereotypical image of the perfect mother.

The TV campaign launches today (13 August) and is centred on the up and downs of parenting.

It follows an expectant mum as she takes her tentative first steps into pregnancy and beyond.

The add sets out to offer a snapshot of the experiences and feelings inspired by new mothers.

TBWA claims that the ad holds a mirror up to the realities of motherhood and reveals it for what it really is – "a steep learning curve comprised of truly unique and special moments."

In addition to the TV spot, TBWA  Manchester has developed a series of press ads, online content and an eCRM-enabled website to deliver above-the-line support.

The range is called Cussons Mum & Me, and the aim is for it to become the go-to brand for mums of all stages and all ages.

The creation of the range was helped  by a panel of 1,200 mothers.

It includes a variety of specially formulated toiletries, such as a Cool & Relieve Spray to tame swollen ankles, a clinically proven Stretch Mark Fader to reduce the appearance of stretch marks in four weeks, and an ultra-mild, hypoallergenic baby range.

Diana Griffiths, senior brand manager at PZ Cussons, said: "Cussons Mum & Me aims to help mums with the all the amazing realities of motherhood. We've worked extensively with real mums to deliver an exclusive product range that genuinely understands and supports mums throughout their special journey from bump to baby."

Fergus McCallum, chief executive officer for TBWA Manchester, said: "Subverting the idea of the 'yummy mummy' that's been popularised by the media, our approach was to show the realities of motherhood, and that includes the trials and tribulations as well as the joyous times. The campaign encapsulates what it truly means to be a mum and all the funny, baffling and wonderful moments that go with it."