TBWA produces Virtua Fighter 4 work

Sony PlayStation has turned to the power of the Force for the launch of the new PS2 game Virtua Fighter 4, through TBWA/London. A cinema campaign will break across Europe alongside the new Star Wars movie, Attack of the Clones, on 16 May.

The pan-European drive is Sony PlayStation's first since the console manufacturer appointed Naked to develop a continent-wide media strategy in January, citing the need for new thinking on the brand. Manning Gottlieb OMD continues to handle media in the UK, while the pan-European media buying is by MindShare.

The ads were written by James Sinclair and art directed by Ed Morris, the creative team that returned to TBWA from BMP DDB in September last year.

The executions, which vary in length from ten to 60 seconds, steer clear of footage from the game and instead concentrate on the patient sufferings of an obsessive player who considers himself to be a martial arts master.

His devotion to the Tekken-style game mirrors the religious discipline of the Jedi in the Star Wars movies.

Our hero is seen suffering in stoic silence as teenagers smear lipstick over his face, a young boy urinates on his legs and a passer-by snogs his girlfriend while he is sitting, hand in hand with her, on a bench in a park.

Finally, as we see the character duck-taped to the back of a departing truck, the line "The true master only engages the worthy opponent

is stamped onscreen.

The ads were also directed by Sinclair and Morris and produced by Spectre.