TBWA rolls out PSP UK launch posters

TBWA\London is backing the UK launch of PSP, the handheld PlayStation entertainment device, with a £2 million poster campaign.

A multimillion-pound TV ad, produced by RSA Films and directed by Alex Rutterford, will also run across Europe in the run-up to PSP's launch on 1 September. This is likely to be rolled out in the UK in November and will be backed with a print campaign.

PSP plays games, movies and music, and allows users to view pictures.

Each of these functions has an icon to represent it and the new campaign centres on these four symbols.

An initial two-week teaser campaign will showcase unbranded, seemingly random images. "Granny" shows an old lady Rollerblading across a wooden floor; "plant" shows a little girl sowing seeds in a garden, while "lift" features a suited businessman in a lift.

The next stage of the campaign then introduces the four symbols by including them in the ads. In "granny", the old lady is tripped up by the PSP icons.

"Plant" shows the girl crying as her seeds grow into symbols and the man in "lift" is squashed into the corner by the four huge icons. All the ads announce "PSP is here" and carry the website address www.yourpsp.com.

The campaign was created by Danny Brooke-Taylor, Tony McTear, Simon Hardy and James Gilham. Media was by Manning Gottlieb OMD.